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For a safe and clean city

For several years, our products have played a central role in securing a sustainable environment and a profitable business for our customers. With more than 100 years of experience, we can take pride in designing and manufacturing the market's best water recycling units using only the most advanced technological components available.


Optimal height, weight, and performance to optimize your workday


Filter the water to 200-micron and turn off the recycling whenever necessary


Continuous recycling allows you to increase your production by 55%


The movable partition separates the water from the sludge as you operate

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The New Bucher RECycler® 208

Stay ahead of your competitors by increasing your everyday efficiency and production - also on those spaces harder to reach. With improved urban maneuverability and continuous water recycling technology, the Bucher RECycler® 208 is good for the environment and great for your business. 

RECycler® 208

Bucher RECycler® 315

All over the world, Bucher products play a central role in securing a sustainable environment. Available both in a Summer and Winter edition, the Bucher RECycler® 315 is superior in even the most extreme conditions - from the arctic temperatures to the extreme heat of the deserts.

RECycler® 315

BUCHER CityFlex® 205

Compact size, increased mobility, long hose reel, and a telescopic boom can get you where your competitors can't.

CityFlex® 205
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