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BUCHER RECycler® 315

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The combi sewer cleaner with the best water recycling system on the market

Flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability in one unit. The BUCHER RECycler® 315 is the most complete and versatile unit with a powerful recycling system that will increase your productivity no matter the circumstances.


Assembled in USA


Service and Support


Environmentally friendly


Continuous recycling

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Continuous recycling

Don't delay or stop any job to refill water anymore. Continuously recycle water to use for jetting from what it is being vacuumed thanks to the BUCHER RECycler® world-class water recycling system. This five-step recycling process also protects the tank and sewer lines from damage by removing coarse particles during filtration, giving the unit a longer operating life.

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Frost protection

Don't let cold weather stop you from completing a job anymore. The BUCHER RECycler® 315 arctic frost protection system protects the unit's hose reels, jetting pipe system, suction valves, cyclones, as well as the jetting and recycling pump, from the cold, allowing you to operate at temperatures as low as -5 ºF.

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​Increased efficiency

Keep the (recycled) water from the sludge separated as you operate by means of a movable partition on the tank. The continuously recycled water stored in the tank allows to jet and vacuum for longer periods of time eliminating the need to wait or leave the job site to refill water. If needed, the recycling system can be turned off to continue the job with the unit operating only as a JetVac.

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Low water and fuel consumption

Save water by continuously reusing the recycled water from the tank to keep jetting instead of refilling it with new water. Save fuel thanks to the automatic fuel-saving technology which shuts down the vacuum pump once there is enough vacuum in the tank but also reduces the revolutions of the engine and pumps to the minimum level required for each specific job.

The market's best and most powerful recycling system

Rest assured that when you get a BUCHER RECycler® from us, you are getting a unique machine that has been perfected for over 30 years of experience.


With the BUCHER RECyclers, you can increase overall efficiency by 55% compared to a conventional JetVac thanks to our state of the art recycling system.


Fully automatic end cover


Movable partition


5-step recycling process


55% more efficiency cf. other JetVacs

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BUCHER RECycler® 315 Tech Specs

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