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BUCHER RECycler® 208

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Powerful recycling also comes in a smaller package

Stay ahead of your competitors. The BUCHER RECycler® 208 gives you all the benefits from its larger counterpart but in a more compact version which also allows you to reach those places your competitors can't.


Assembled in USA


Service and Support


Environmentally friendly


Continuous recycling

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Powerful Recycling

The recycling system operates continuously, meaning that as you vacuum, the water is being recycled simultaneously to allow you continue jetting without having to refill water. It also protects both the tank and the sewer lines as the water gets filtrated to remove coarse particles during a five-step recycling process. This gives the unit a longer service life and less wear to the sewer pipes.

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Increased maneuverability

Thanks to its size, it is now easier than ever to reach and fit into those places you couldn't before -and your competitors still won't be able to. The weight, height, and width of this unit will give you an edge in every aspect including ease of operation and safer driving by sticking to the size and weight limit regulations.


Low water and fuel consumption

The continuous recycling system allows you to jet as you vacuum without having to refill the tank with water. On the other hand, the automatic fuel-saving technology reduces the revolutions of the engine and pumps to the minimum level required for each specific job. This special technology also allows for the vacuum pump to shut down when there is enough vacuum in the tank.

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Increased productivity

A movable partition provides you with a flexible tank size, separating the (recycled) water from the sludge as you operate. Jet and vacuum for longer periods of time with the continuously recycled water stored in the tank which eliminates the need to wait or leave the job site to refill water. When needed, turn off the recycling system to continue the job with the unit operating only as a JetVac.

The market's best and most powerful recycling system

Rest assured that when you get a BUCHER RECycler® from us, you are getting a unique machine that has been perfected for over 30 years of experience.


With the BUCHER RECyclers, you can increase overall efficiency by 55% compared to a conventional JetVac thanks to our state of the art recycling system.


Fully automatic end cover


Movable partition


5-step recycling process


55% more efficiency cf. other JetVacs

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BUCHER RECycler® 208 Tech Specs

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