Bucher Easement reel

Get access to difficult jobs

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The best helper for your unit

Get the job done in any terrain and spaces where a normal jetvac cannot reach.


All-terrain and compact unit


Service and Support


Adjustable undercarriage


One person operation


Easy operation

The BUCHER Easement reel's control panel allows you to operate it without any hassle thanks to its practical design and functions.


Stairs in the way? Not a problem!

The undercarriage is conveniently driven by rubber belts with adjustable width. This allows for a more safe and stable access and movement across difficult areas where jetvacs cannot reach.


Remote jetting tasks

With the adjustable undercarriage and the hydraulic fold-down jetting hose reel, you'll get easy and safe access to remote jetting tasks. It connects fast and easy to the existing unit and allows you to get the job done efficiently. 


Plenty of accessories

The BUCHER Easement reel has a 200 m. 1” jetting hose and comes with accessories such as LED work lamp, a beacon, and a handy tool tray. As a unique feature, the Remote Reel is built in modules, ensuring operators can choose different options, such as a wheel barrow, pile drill, grab and many other options.


Get the job done anywhere, every time

Increase your productivity by taking all those jobs you haven't been able before and get ahead of competitors with the help of this versatile unit

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Bucher Easement reel Tech Specs

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Download Specs

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