BUCHER CityFlex® 205

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Compact and powerful for a safe, clean city center

Perform all those small tasks around the city center with ease. Developed for tight spaces, the CityFlex® operates efficiently where others can't even reach. Perfomance and increased mobility characterizes this unit while keeping your costs down.


Assembled in USA


On-demand tasks


Telescopic boom


Agile on urban areas

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Work comfortably

The BUCHER CityFlex® is provided with multiple cabinets with lockable roller shutter doors, light and heating. 

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Increased maneuverability

The compact and smart design of the BUCHER CityFlex® 205 brings the cost of insurance, road tax and ongoing service to a minimum.

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Intuitive operation

Manage all the functions of the BUCHER CityFlex® 205 through a simple control panel on the back for an effortless operation.

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Operate anywhere, anytime

Compact size, increased mobility, long hose reel and a telescopic boom can get you where your competitors can't. But, why stop there? With the arctic option you can also operate in temperatures down to -5° F

Convenience on the go

Perform all your small scale jetting and sucking tasks on densely populated areas with comfort thanks to the compact and smart design. 


Fully automatic end cover


Movable partition

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One-man operation


Compact combi unit

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BUCHER CityFlex® 205 Tech Specs

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Download specs

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