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World-Class Sewer Cleaning Units

Over 100 years of experience in the industry has given us the technical expertise to develop and manufacture the most efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly sewer cleaner equipment on the market. 


From extreme heat to freezing temperatures

Only the best and most advanced technological components available are used in our sewer cleaners. Because of this, they can be found all over the world working in the most extreme conditions always delivering a top performance and productivity to our customers.


High performance: Good for the environment

At Bucher, we are committed to the technology and innovation that will exceed your expectations by paying close attention to your needs as well as the market and environmental trends. This strong commitment to technology and innovation ensures that you do not have to compromise performance for the environment.

What to know before buying a sewer cleaning truck


5 things you must know

There are five things you must know before buying any sewer cleaning truck:

1) Types of sewer cleaning trucks
2) How to find the right product for you
3) Differences between main product types
4) Why the initial price isn't everything
5) Questions you should ask to manufacturers

Plus, what we would ask you to find the best solution for your business.
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Built to withstand the harshest conditions

It is our mission that our products can serve you for years to come which is why our tanks are built in boilerplate steel to withstand corrosive liquids. On top of that, every component of our units is sandblasted, surface treated and painted one by one. Not only does this prolong its service life, but it further makes maintenance easy for operators.


Easy access to service and spare parts

A large service network and the use of components from internationally recognized suppliers ensure our customers a fast service and an easy access to service and spare parts.

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Don't compromise on anything

With our world-class sewer cleaning units you won't have to compromise on the operators' working conditions, accessibility of components on the unit, weight distribution, quality, efficiency or the environment.


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